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“You become. It takes a long time.”

Margery Williams Bianco, The Velveteen Rabbit

Hey. Hi. Hello. You found me! I guess I should tell you about myself. I owe you that much. Right?

We’ll start by saying I’m nosey. I love to know everything about people. The good, the bad, the fugly. But mostly the fugly. There’s beauty in that, you know. The things that make us human. And so naturally I have a psychology degree. Which I had every intention of using. To become a counselor. In my early twenties. Before I knew myself. Before I had any business helping anyone else know themselves. So, instead of graduate school, I took a romantic, adventurous life detour. Which led me to find myself a divorced, single mother with a foreclosed home and no identity by the age of 30. As most romantic, adventurous life detours do. But silver linings are a thing. See them. They’re usually there. Almost always. Unless they’re not.

As my baby man grew into a big baby dude who grew into a little boy, I wondered what kind of person he’d grow up to be. “I hope he’s strong and brave and know’s himself and always goes after what he wants without fear of failure and without fear of success.”, I thought to myself. And then I thought I had better start setting the example.

I started slowly. Timidly. And then threw myself in all at once. The things that made me feel alive, I started going after them. Before psychology, I wanted to be a filmmaker. And actor. But fear kept me away. “Fear disguised as practicality”, as Jim Carrey puts it. And after a decade of ignoring my dreams, I promised I’d never abandon myself again. I created Dark Horse Digital Media to give myself a safe place to pursue my creative passion. A place to capture and share our important moments using my favorite storytelling medium. And while it was meant to be an artistic outlet for me, it became more…

I filmed my first wedding two and a half years ago, one month after my first post-divorce break up. I wondered if shooting weddings would make me painfully more aware of my relationship failures. I worried I’d go home feeling even more alone. But it didn’t. The opposite happened. I learned from you. I saw the way you loved each other. And it gave me hope.

Thank you for being a part of my journey of becoming. And for trusting me to capture a part of yours.